Our vision is a South Africa where everyone truly belongs: where opportunity, prosperity and resources are used to create a society where none live in poverty; where children and young people are active citizens of the world, cherishing our democracy, our Constitution and our freedoms

Our programmes encompass leadership, inspiration and value-based approaches aligned to those of Fr Huddleston and those who worked for social justice and a non-racial society.

We also preserve and share the history of this area, and histories of the multi-cultural communities who inspired Fr Huddleston  throughout his life.

Our values are inspired by the life-long service of Fr Huddleston to the recognition of every person’s intrinsic and equal value:  we aim to operate with integrity, focus on service, value innovation and respect diversity.

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The Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre. NPO no 020 393

             Patrons: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, Ambassador Abdul Minty, Rev Mpho Tutu

Hon Sophie du Bruyn MP, Emeritus Archbishop Khotso Makhulu, Esme Matshikiza, Sally Motlana.

As we know Hugh went on to be perhaps South Africa’s most internationally famous band leader, trumpeter and jazz pioneer.  At the memorial service for Fr Huddleston, held at the Market Theatre, Joburg in 1998 Hugh Masekela presented a young trumpeter with a brand new trumpet in Huddleston’s name.  In Sophiatown today we support emerging talent – music, dance, art, design, theatre and photography to name a few of the disciplines.  But at the heart of it is the music.

We are all about young people, sharing stories and working together to make a better South Africa.  Here's a story about Fr Huddleston that inspires us: 

Fr Huddleston with two members of the  'Huddleston Jazz Band'  the teenage Jonas Gwangwa and Hugh Masekela


Fr Trevor Huddleston receiving Hugh Masekela’s trumpet from Louis Armstrong on 1 May 1956. Photo by Wallace Kirkland


Fr Trevor Huddleston bought a second-hand trumpet for a 14 year old Hugh Masekela. With Jonas Gwangwa on trombone, and other youth, they formed the Huddleston Jazz Band in 1955. When Huddleston was exiled from South Africa he travelled to the US where he met Louis Armstrong and told him about ‘his’ band. Armstrong then donated a new trumpet for Hugh

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Fr Huddleston's ashes brought 'home' to South Africa for burial, May 1998 - Click here

Ashes of Trevor Huddleston carried to South Africa

Mandela & Tutu pay tribute to Father Huddleston

Ashes of Trevor Huddleston carried to South Africa